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nicetec netinsight

RHENUS Freight Network GmbH takes off with integrated IT Financial Management


nicetec netinsight

CHEMPARK operator CURRENTA consolidates heterogeneous billing data with netinsight...


Contract and SLA management

Do your tasks include managing complex customer and supplier relationships? Are you also required to know at all times who is purchasing what from you and under what conditions, or from whom you are procuring additional services? And, what’s more, are you also responsible for drawing up or preparing the contracts so that they are legally compliant?

A great concept all round – netinsight contract and SLA management! Those who know it, will never want to miss it.

Central storage

To store all customer and supplier relationships in a central location is already a great deal – but how do you ensure control of the scope of every individual contract including durations and conditions, while providing audit security?

The nicetec contract and SLA management module allows you to manage all contract dates, SLAs and OLAs centrally and reliably. This means that you can guarantee problem-free flow of your IT operations at all times.


Contract management 2.0: Make contract management an important component of your IT finance management!

Because netinsight not only manages data, the data also becomes usable! The clou: contract and SLA management can be used for more than just administrative purposes. The main benefit lies in cross-linkage of contract information including all aspects of professional IT finance management.

Because contract data, for example, form an important basis for service calculation and finance planning, as well as for cost allocation and reporting. You are always precisely informed of who is procuring what quantity during what period and under what conditions. You can see in real time, from whom you are procuring services. And you can identify in good time which contracts are expire and which contracts must be extended or canceled.