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nicetec netinsight

RHENUS Freight Network GmbH takes off with integrated IT Financial Management


nicetec netinsight

CHEMPARK operator CURRENTA consolidates heterogeneous billing data with netinsight...


Cost allocation

Are you also faced with the challenge of having to charge out your IT costs? Would your customers also like more transparency from you in terms of IT costs? Do your customers miss being able to actively influence your IT costs?

Then you need netinsight!


This offers our software solution:

  • Central availability of all data at one location and in one solution
  • Calculation of cost-covering service prices – simply, comprehensibly and transparently
  • Proof and control of individual effort expended for your customers
  • Automated billing
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Postings export to SAP®

The commercial effect: Cost transparency creates cost sensibility.

Experiences of our customers show that charging out costs for IT services to responsible parties results in a different awareness of costs, which then leads to different usage behavior. This means that your costs are “incidentally” reduced as well.

Developed by professionals – Proven in practice

netinsight has been developed by professionals for professionals and has proven itself in practice over many times! netinsight provides you with the perfect package of user-friendliness, flexibility, cost control and transparency, both internally and externally!

For this of course all legal requirements from a professional IT finance management solution have been taken into account: from A to Z.

netinsight is the right product for you if you wish to improve both your service structure and your cost structure.


Cost and performance transparency for you and your customers, easing the burden on your management!

Because netinsight has another ace up its sleeve: Charge-out of costs to responsible parties, once set up, runs fully automatically via the service catalog and service prices, just like the capturing of usage data and its assignment to services and customers. In addition, netinsight supports many charging procedures, both in terms of contract-related billing and charging based on usage. Just like that, how you want it!

Impress your customers with transparency and openness. Use our solutions so that your customers understand what they are paying for and what IT services really cost. It’s worth your while.