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nicetec netinsight

RHENUS Freight Network GmbH takes off with integrated IT Financial Management


nicetec netinsight

CHEMPARK operator CURRENTA consolidates heterogeneous billing data with netinsight...


Transparency for costs and services

How well do your services provide support for your customers’ business processes? What services do you use to generate which sales and revenues? What costs do you incur in relation to individual contracts, and can you provide a reliable price breakdown?

Are these questions that you ask yourself on a regular basis and, more importantly, that require an answer? But how? netinsight from nicetec helps you to find the right answers!

Knowledge forms the basis for correct decisions

netinsight offers dependability when it comes to planning and making decisions relating to your IT costs! Once you have insight into the origin of the various costs and can determine the real cost drivers, you are also able to actively manage your costs. Base your decisions on a reliable foundation, namely one offered by netinsight. Convince your employees, colleagues and managers with hard facts and conclusive preparation of data.
In this way, you can regain control and influence of your costs with confidence.

Transparency builds trust

Your internal and external customers will also benefit if they understand precisely what they are paying for. Use our IT finance management solution to explain to your customers how costs and prices arise and what part they can play in influencing these costs.
This results in understanding, trust and partnership!

Our solutions are not short-lived undertakings

Introducing our solutions leads to long-term benefit: We do not just supply one-off data from a single analysis, rather, we provide on-going control and information. Enjoy long-lasting success when planning and managing your IT finances with our solutions.
Take command and be on the safe side!