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nicetec netinsight

CHEMPARK operator CURRENTA consolidates heterogeneous billing data with netinsight...


nicetec insighTPro...

Efficient transfer pricing relieves the tax department as well as finance and accounting at Hannover RE...


What do I need?

Does managing complexity and costs without losing sight of the details fall into your scope of daily activities in the position you hold? Do you, too, face the immense challenge of having to offer your customers optimally aligned IT- or shared services? Do your services have to be adapted to constantly changing business requirements?  You are probably also required to simultaneously ensure operation at optimal costs, and frequently face the question “make or buy”.

Is it your responsibility to demonstrate how costs can be passed on to office branches and cost centers in a fair and just manner? Do the Board and customers demand comprehensible answers in terms of costs and the intrinsic value of IT and the provided services from you?

If you as the CIO or IT Manager are also confronted with these challenges and problems, it is high time for you to take a look at the solution from nicetec.