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netinsight ITFM V8.0 available as of now

Bissendorf. With netinsight nicetec has comprehensively revised its platform that specializes in controlling, management and further allocation of IT costs and also added additional service features. The goal was to more transparently illustrate cost development and pricing for services in order to manage these more flexibly.

Besides many detailed improvements the new netinsight Version ITFM V8.0 has web-supported cost-/volume planning, web-supported procurement and a powerful visualization of value flows and cost distributions within the context of planning and calculation. nicetec business manager Ralf Meyer: “Our mission is to create value - therefore our focus in product development is on the continuous optimization of customer value creation.“

“Create Value” exemplified by the newly designed cost-/volume planning

Until now the planning- and calculation phase of services has often been a complex and time-consuming endeavor since the service recipients had to be asked about their service needs, which required a relatively high manual planning expenditure. netinsight ITFM V8.0 makes it possible for planning projects to be efficiently coordinated and controlled with web-support.

Requirement planning is now executed only with web-support; previously Excel sheets were sent out manually. Now it can be flexibly determined who should be contacted automatically, and also when to do this and how often. The new netinsight platform controls the quantity and quality of responses via a centralized cockpit and can integrate the responses directly and on demand with the click of a mouse button into the service calculation. Ralf Meyer: “The newly designed cost-/volume planning increases process efficiency, lowers implementation costs and at the same time increases quality.“

Web-supported procurement

The customer can now subscribe or cancel IT services independently without formal overhead via the webportal netinsight ITFM V8.0. The product catalog that can be accessed there and the conditions (price, cancellation possibilities, terms, delivery times etc.) can be individually compiled for individual customers and customer groups. A configurable workflow is started for customer activities, which prompts all required activities, for the IT organization as well, by setting in motion respective implementation- and clearance processes. Rights and representative regulations have also been taken into account as well as the possibility for cost center personnel to view online contract portfolios, booked services and bills in their area of responsibility. This reduces queries to the service helpdesk and service accounting. It places the control and transparency of processes in the hand of the customer.

Graphic design for value flows and cost distribution

netinsight ITFM V8.0 also contains a completely new designed modeling tool, which allows for the graphic editing, visualization and evaluation of cost distribution and value flow in the calculation. The tool offers extensive illustration functions in order to make the calculation of complex influential factors for costs and prices as transparent as possible. nicetec business manager Ralf Meyer: “IT controller and planer of services can now understand more quickly how costs develop and what influence they have on the service price.“

Available as of now

The platform netinsight developed by nicetec has over 200,000 license holders and is one of the most widely used solutions in the German-speaking IT finance management market. The new netinsight Version ITFM V8.0 is available as of now.

Brief profile of nicetec

nicetec limited was founded in 1998 and is one of the market leaders in the area of flexible software solutions for IT finance management, IT controlling, IT cost allocation and shared service center management. With netinsight nicetec has for the first time realized an integrated platform for all tasks in the area of IT controlling and IT finance management. Today over 200,000 licenses have been given out for netinsight; it is being used worldwide by top companies.

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