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SimpleXess from nicetec simplifies access to SAP® data

Bissendorf/Osnabrück. nicetec, specialist for IT finance management solutions, is expanding its product range with the ETL tool SimpleXess. SimpleXess provides other company departments besides the IT department with a secure, flexible and cost-effective access to ERP data in SAP®. nicetec CEO Ralf Meyer: “Until now it has remained an unfulfilled wish for many company departments to use live SAP® data independently and affordably for process optimization – with SimpleXess such operations can now be executed routinely."

Secure, flexible, affordable

SimpleXess was designed for companies that wish to optimize their daily business with the aid of ERP data in a more decentralized manner. The nicetec tool has three characteristics: SimpleXess seamlessly integrates with company-specific SAP® security structures, allows company departments flexible, just-in-time access to centralized company data even without an in-depth SAP® knowledge; and it is also very affordable - independent of usage frequency. Ralf Meyer: “These attributes of SimpleXess will revolutionize the cost/benefit ratio in the ETL segment.”

In compliance with security regulations in the company

A user account on the SAP® system is required to communicate with SAP® via SimpleXess. The rights management is exclusively executed with the rights management in the SAP® system. This ensures a limited access to the SAP® data within the limits of the personal user account configured by the SAP® administrator. The rights management of SAP® remains fully intact and untouched. Another safety relevant aspect is that SimpleXess does not install any additional software on the SAP® servers in your company, and changes to databases in the SAP® system are not allowed.

Flexible deployment possibilities

With SimpleXess the user can rely on SAP® tables, BAPIs, RFC and Z function modules. The user can illustrate complex if-then decisions, define various search strategies, set filters, request outside parameters, synchronize data or combine a data search in the SAP® system with search processes in the target system. These features allow SimpleXess to cover a large spectrum of deployment possibilities for the optimization of company relevant processes. The user can configure a search profile in such a way that data found in the SAP® system can be compared with data from a database that has already been created in the target system; new datasets are copied over or already existing datasets are updated. The following are part of the common task fields of SimpleXess: the query of economic indicator numbers in the context of making reports to the board, the indexation of documents with SAP® data in a document management system or the automatic comparison of warehouse goods in a webshop with the SAP® storage management system.

Minimal learning effort and low costs

SimpleXess can be learned by one person in one day, the annual cost expenditure for this program is less than € 2000 per workplace license. This allows SimpleXess to close the market gap between highly flexible and expensive solutions and cheap desktop applications that only offer a very rigid functionality principle with little flexibility. SimpleXess is licensed with an annual subscription price, which also covers a support- and maintenance contract and therefore includes all updates and upgrades. For companies that require department- and company-wide licenses the low yearly rent is staggered. SimpleXess can run on any desktop even without a server and can be immediately used after a short installation procedure.

An overview of customer benefits

Ralf Meyer: SimpleXess is a powerful and flexible ETL tool for specialty departments who want to quickly and cost-effectively query centralized data from the ERP system without in-depth knowledge in SAP® and integrate the data in decentralized applications and processes. By default SimpleXess is equipped with two user interface language and is immediately available.

Brief profile of nicetec

nicetec limited was founded in 1998 and is one of the market leaders in the area of flexible software solutions for IT finance management, IT controlling, IT cost allocation and shared service center management. With netinsight nicetec has for the first time realized an integrated platform for all tasks in the area of IT controlling and IT finance management. Today over 200,000 licenses have been given out for netinsight; it is being used worldwide by top companies.

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