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Cornelsen Educational Group: More transparency in IT billing

Bissendorf/Osnabrück. The Franz Cornelsen Educational Group with 3.000 employees worldwide is using netinsight, the IT management platform by nicetec with headquarters in Bissendorf for billing information technology services. The central IT service provider of the company is thereby responding to internal demands for more transparency and efficiency. Due to the automation of many tasks that had previously been conducted manually and due to a webportal that employees can use to independly order, change oder cancel IT services, a cost saving potential of 15 to 20 percent of process expenditures has been realized.

More efficiency

"With netinsight we have become more efficient," Daniel Gross, head of cost accounting at Franz Cornelsen Corporate Services, summarized the positive results. Among the tasks of the internal IT service provider with headquarters in Berlin is e. g. the provision of SAP-and office applications as well as hosting of web portals for large parts of the Franz Cornelsen Educational Group. Within the context of an outsourcing process as a shared service center, IT service billing had to be placed on a new foundation; it had previously been itemized on the basis of flat rates.

Substantial reduction of complexity through an integrated platform

"netinsight allows for the depiction of varied scenarios for billing and price calculation, ranging from the consumption-dependent invoice to a flat rate," as nicetec's CEO Ralf Meyer emphasized the advantages of the modularly structured solution. The great advantage: All functionalities can be depicted centrally in an integrated platform, and this results in a substantial reduction of complexity.

Saving potential with netinsight

Though Franz Cornelsen Corporate Services has by no means taken full advantage of all the possibilities of netinsight, the introduction of the standard IT finance management solution has more than paid for itself. Today about 90 percent of all processes for service billing are fully automated, which significally reduces the total work expenditure. The IT service provider also saves time and reduces costs by utilizing the web portal's self-service feature, which has even convinced skeptics in the company due to its user-friendly handling. Gross estimates the total saving potential to be "15 to 20 percent of the execution- and process expenditure".

Increased cost awareness

At the same time cost awareness among employees has increased. While previously many employees were not aware of the fact that IT costs money, today everyone knows the price for individual services. "In many companies information technology remains a black box when it comes to costs," said Ralf Meyer knowingly. However, netinsight can very quickly and easily bring light into these dark places.

About nicetec

nicetec GmbH with headquarters in Bissendorf was founded in 1998 and is a market leader in the sector of flexible software solutions for IT finance management. The technology company deploys its software products and service-, consultation- and development services in companies around the world. The software suite netinsight by nicetec has for the first time realized an integrated and user-friendly platform for all tasks of IT finance management, IT controlling, IT cost accounting and shared service center management. netinsight is being utilized worldwide by numerous top companies as over 200,000 licenses have been distributed.

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