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ikb Data GmbH: Transparent IT Finance Management

Bissendorf/Osnabrück. ikb Data GmbH, one of Germany's leading IT infrastructure and data security companies, has put the costing and cost allocation of its IT financial management on an audit-proof basis. They now use netinsight, the IT management platform by nicetec GmbH, headquarters in Bissendorf, for transparent billing of the IT services they offer. ikb Data, founded in 2004 as a shared service center of IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG, is now able to automate a number of processes in the bidding and invoicing process that were formerly done manually and thus reduce the risks of errors.

Professional processes

In the past, ikb Data used its own in-house Microsoft Excel-based solutions to plan, calculate and recalculate its projects. "Due to our increasing success on the broader market, we absolutely had to switch key processes to a more professional and audit-safe procedure," says Kurt Huckriede, Financial Manager at ikb Data. In order to find a solution quickly, the three leading tools on the market for IT financial management were given an intensive examination by ikb.

High flexibility

"We opted for netinsight due to its high level of flexibility, its strengths in billing and the possibilities offered by the graphical representation of dependencies," Huckriede reveals. Decisive was the most comprehensive coverage possible of the IT infrastructure provider's individual requirements. The main objective was being able to establish a modular product catalog that would allow the prices for individual services to be calculated on the basis of a multi-stage calculation process and the ability to assign costs to different cost centers intelligently.

Modeling custom price structures

Other tasks that needed to be solved with the help of netinsight are including modeling custom price structures in different price lists, making bids based on a highly granular product catalog, and usage-based cost allocation including billing to customer-specific accounting systems. In addition, there were some special requests such as the division of product prices into the categories of hardware, software, and services. Likewise, setting up an automatic interface to SAP SD allowed invoices created in netinsight to be modelled in SAP sales orders as well as subsequent invoicing and transfer to the accounting department.

Individaul adjustments

Individual adjustments to the billing process were also required, such as group hierarchies. Overall, what had once been very highly individualized quotation processes were able to be standardized and largely automated. "All the functions can be centrally mapped in a comprehensive platform resulting in a considerable reduction in complexity," says Ralf Meyer, CEO of nicetec, describing the advantages of the solution's modular design.

IT Financial Controlling Module

The IT Financial Controlling Module (ITFM) is the core module that provides a powerful planning and cost accounting solution. Seamlessly integrated, are other elements for IT cost accounting such as SLA/contract management, product management, bid management, traceable approvals of IT services as well as IT cost allocation in terms of cost and revenue. There are also various data collection interfaces to integrate various data sources, reporting tools and a web portal for employee self-service.

About nicetec

nicetec GmbH with headquarters in Bissendorf was founded in 1998 and is a market leader in the sector of flexible software solutions for IT finance management. The technology company deploys its software products and service-, consultation- and development services in companies around the world. The software suite netinsight by nicetec has for the first time realized an integrated and user-friendly platform for all tasks of IT finance management, IT controlling, IT cost accounting and shared service center management. netinsight is being utilized worldwide by numerous top companies as over 220,000 licenses have been distributed.

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