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nicetec netinsight

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netinsight Small Business

netinsight Small Business in detail

Do you think that as a medium-sized company you can’t afford an IT finance and shared service management solution? Your organisation is too small? IT ans service costs – a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul?
Our experience from many projects has shown us that an IT finance and shared service management solution is really worth it, even for a “small business”, and soon pays off. For this reason we have packaged the best functions of our  netinsight enterprise solution into a very attractive new product - netinsight Small Business.
netinsight Small Business (netinsight SB for short) can also be flexibly configured for the area of application in your company, just like its big brother.

The whole of the IT finance and shared service management process is covered in the modular solution – starting with budgeting, through cost calculations, contract and SLA management with customers and suppliers, service catalog management and cost allocation, to reporting. With netinsight SB you will achieve cost transparency in your IT and shared service center section so that you can control and proactively manage the services you provide, retrieve information at any time for customers and management, and at the same time minimise your execution costs.

The netinsight product family has proven itself well in different industries and is now the market leader in IT finance and shared service management solutions, with over 200,000 licenses sold. Our customers include large global companies listed on the stock markets as well as medium-sized enterprises from industry and finance.  They all have one thing in common: when it comes to IT finance and shared service management they all trust our tailored solutions.
netinsight SB has been designed for multiple users and multiple clients and, using standard interfaces, integrates the software solutions and ERP systems currently in use in your company, in order to integrate the relevant data from them centrally into your IT finance and shared service management processes.

Planning and service calculations

With netinsight SB you can plan and strategically manage your costs and budgets. To do this the solution has planning and service calculations functions. By integrating the available data and objects in the platform, e.g. accounting data, contract management data for customer and suppliers as well as master data and transaction data from linked solutions, all the information you need for your service calculation and target-actual comparisons during the course of the year are always current and available from one central point at the touch of a button. Execution costs are therefore kept to a minimum, and everything is historicised and filed in a auditable manner. The time and energy involved in the manual preparation and consolidation of data, as well as potential sources of errors, like Excel-based planning and calculations, are avoided from the start.

Contract and SLA Management

netinsight SB is equipped with highly efficient contract and SLA management capabilities. You can use these to see which of your customers receive which services with which conditions and qualities, and with which suppliers you yourself maintain contracts. Contracts can also be compared to one another and used as a data source for costs and revenue in your planning and calculations, as well as for invoicing and administration purposes.

To do this netinsight SB monitors all relevant deadlines for you, enables documents and templates to be saved directly into the contract, and naturally also shows any contract conditions that change in the course of the contract.


All contract types, whether it’s a leasing, license, project or provision of services contract, with or without purchasing of assets, can be administered centrally in this solution, historicised and stored in an auditable manner.

Translating process into a shared service – thanks to service lifecycle

Modern medium-sized organisations deliver business process oriented standard services which are based on defined qualities, availabilities and benchmarks, and at transparent prices. Your customers can adjust such a service to their specific needs by selecting variations and options. netinsight SB supports your planning and design as well as the calculation and cost allocation of modern business process oriented shared services using integrated service lifecycle functions and the in-built service catalog.
In netinsight SB, IT services can be modelled hierarchically using drag & drop of reusable modules as well as individual components. Optional service components as well as variations (either of a complete service or of just one component) can be put together simply and intuitively using the graphic designer. We have also thought about multilingual, integrated service documentation for you. Here the same is true as before: all service catalogues that are created are centrally administrated, historicised and saved in an auditable manner.

Flexibility is our particular strength – cost allocation

If you’re looking to invoice the purchasing of services in a specific and highly flexible manner, as well in a way which conforms to national and currency regulations, then netinsight SB is the instrument of choice. Different cost allocation models can be easily shown – from a simple cost allocation based on a contract with fixed purchasing and price data, through to a dynamic cost allocation based on the specific user, transaction information from your operational IT system, company-wide language and data networks, or other solutions, like asset management systems. No problem!

Whichever model you implement the costs for your services can be allocated to your customers or cost centres quickly, automatically and in full compliance with regulations, including in different currencies. Can’t isn’t in our vocabulary!

Gain insights – reporting with netinsight SB

Your management demands transparency, as do your customers. Both would like to understand as precisely as possible which costs are applicable to which services and which cost components are included in the price. In netinsight SB’s central database all required information is available in the most up to date version, similar to a data warehouse. Using the integrated WYSIWYG reporting generator pre-defined reports can be quickly called up or you can quickly and efficiently create new ones. To assist you in this there are numerous functions that you might want to use, like charts, formatting, graphics, tables etc. In short, we offer the highest level of flexibility so that can you offer the highest level of transparency for management and customers.

Use the perspectives that netinsight SB can bring to your company to actively manage your costs, create cost transparency as well as actively manage your range of IT services and shared services and continually streamline them! We are happy to provide further details on any of our solutions.

Take a look at the benefits

netinsight Small Business Edition - IT Finance Management-Plattform für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen von nicetec
  • Analyse and manage all costs and processes at the push of a button: Planning, service catalogs, cost allocation, reporting and forecasting!
  • Achieve comprehensive cost transparency in your organisation.
  • Create cost awareness for your customer.
  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers by aligning your IT and shared services to business processes.
  • Take goal-oriented decisions through real-time analyses.
  • Reduce your costs without negative consequences for the quality of your service.
  • Fulfil legal obligations by process mapping in an auditable manner.