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SimpleXess in detail

SimpleXess is a software solution which can be universally and intuitively used, and allows you to access live data in your SAP system quickly and easily. Ideally suited for the employees in your IT department, for those responsible for data and processes or for SAP business users.
With SimpleXess retrieved data can be directly processed through another software platform or office product, thereby actively supporting your company’s business and decision-making processes.
SimpleXess allows the retrieval and export of data from SAP systems from SAP Version R/3 4.0b. SimpleXess supports different target systems and target formats like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint, Orace databases, Microsoft Excel and CSV flat files.

Intuitive: Graphic user interface

Using SimpleXess‘ intuitive graphic interface it is really easy for you to compile and execute individual request profiles for your SAP live data. You can compile and process an unlimited number of profiles:

  • In one profile you confirm which SAP systems the required data is to be extracted from, and from which SAP user account.
  • As part of the data extraction process numerous operations can be configured using the graphic designer ( shortcut, IF FOUND THEN ELSE, etc.)
  • A step by step mode and a detailed log as well as statistical information will help you to check the individual data retrieval in detail and make them comprehensible.

Unique and simple: Innovative access methods

As well as access to SAP System’s data tables, access to BAPI functions, Remote Function modules (RFM/RFC) and Z_modules are also supported. A well-placed assistant will help you to define your data retrievals and filtering requirements. By accessing the SAP data dictionary and SAP documentation you can easily find the relevant tables or the required function components. An integrated data preview allows you to check the available data.

Quicker and more efficient: synchronisation with target data

By using a straightforward data import system SimpleXess can synchronise extracted data from your SAP system with data in your target solution.


The data that is retrieved from SAP is stored in the configured target system or target format without being temporarily stored elsewhere, and can then be worked on immediately. Different target systems and formats are supported, depending on the version of SimpleXess you are using.

We’ve thought of that too: Security comes first

Data govenance and audit guidelines play a deciding role for SAP users. It’s therefore all the more important that data cannot be manipulated or accessed by unauthorised people under any circumstances.

SimpleXess takes particular account of this. Access to SAP is done strictly according to SAP RFC protocol. No software needs to be uploaded into SAP. Using SimpleXess only the data or functions can be accessed to which the SAP user account has received authorisation from the internal SAP system management.

SimpleXess can also control Microsoft Powershell integration

SimpleXess also supports the use of Microsoft Powershell for scripting in profiles. This means that any operations, even complex ones, can be carried out on the retrieved data fields. The use of this additional function does require knowledge of Microsoft Powershell.

SimpleXess works everywhere: Communication with SAP systems

The solution is implemented using Microsoft .NET technology and only uses steps to communicated with the relevant SAP system which have been officially documented and approved. One of SAP AG’s tested and certified libraries is used for this communication. Apart from SimpleXess‘ set-up file and the SAP GUI client no further runtime components are needed for the implementation.

SimpleXess is compatible with Windows OS from Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 or Windows Server V2003 SP2, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 with at least a Pentium 1 GHZ processor and 1GB RAM. Communication with the relevant SAP system usually uses TCP/IP. As well as this the regular SAP Client Network Ports 32xx and 33xx are used.

Take a look at the benefits

SimpleXess - IT Controlling Software-Lösung von nicetec
  • Extract SAP data so that you can work on it directly in your applications –  no need for time-consuming projects!
  • It’s just “simple” – thanks to an intuitive interface and the assistance function you can achieve what you want quickly and straightforwardly.
  • Security is the watchword for SimpleXess! Unauthorised access to SAP data is not possible!
  • With SimpleXess you stay flexible! Your SAP requests can be easily adapted to new requirements.
  • Save money thanks to the very reasonable purchasing and running costs!

Further information can be found here:
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