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nicetec netinsight

RHENUS Freight Network GmbH takes off with integrated IT Financial Management


nicetec netinsight

CHEMPARK operator CURRENTA consolidates heterogeneous billing data with netinsight...


Frequently Asked Questions

Good question? You can find good answers to frequently asked questions regarding our products or services here. Is the answer you’re looking for not available? We will gladly provide you with additional information.

If you have further questions about our products and services, please contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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  • Q: Who are the customers of nicetec?


    We are a reliable solutions partner for major companies since many years. Global and large companies, including companies on the stock market, rely on IT finance management and SAP® ETL solutions from our company. Based on many years of project know-how we have a big treasure trove of experience and deep knowledge of IT finance management and integration processes. It is our pleasure to bring this deep background knowledge into the realization of your projects.

  • Q: Does nicetec only provide the products or do they assume the project implementation as well?


    For us as manufacturer of the solution, it is important to stand also regarding the introduction/implementation aside as a reliable partner for you. You as a customer decide, how much support you need and we will help you right where you need it!

  • Q: Is nicetec manufacturer of the products and solutions?


    Yes! All core components of our solution portfolio have been fully developed on its own at the company site.

  • Q: What is special about nicetec and their products?


    We know about the importance of the project success for you – accordingly concentrated, binding and target-oriented; we at nicetec are committed as your partner. We proactively check your solution patterns and can flexibly react to new requirements – this is for us an important component of a fair lived partner relationship. When we deal with customized IT financial management or SAP®/ETL solutions, flexible adjustment and maximum benefit for our customers, our paths are extremely short, fast and cost effective.

  • Q: What experiences does nicetec have in the field of IT finance management?


    We at nicetec are focused on central tasks in the field of IT finance management, IT controlling, IT cost allocation and SAP® data integration for over 13 years – we have extensive consulting expertise and will ensure highly efficient IT finance management and ETL solutions as well as their adoption and implementation with short lead times within specified time and budget requirements.

  • Q: Does nicetec has its own support department and what is the availability?


    Yes, nicetec has its own support staff, whose availability is ensured at all times. Support cases are documented and tracked in a separate ticketing system. Depending on the SLA level, it is also possible to get in direct contact with a personal support person.

  • Q: Which support services are offered by nicetec?


    nicetec offers a standard maintenance contract for the maintenance and care of nicetec software solutions. In addition, there is a variety of support services that are based on individually agreed service level agreements.

  • Q: Which technology partners does nicetec have?


    nicetec works close together with recognized international partners and technology leaders and maintains therefore partnerships with amongst others SAP® Business Objects, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP, BOSCH Software Innovations, instantOLAP.


  • Q: Which customers are using the solution?

    Customers of netinsight can be divided into three groups:

    • - IT subsidiaries and IT service provider
    • - Shared Service Center (IT, F&A, HR etc.) or
    • - Internal IT departments with focus on service
  • Q: Is this solution only applicable for large companies?


    netinsight is industry-neutral and can be used for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for large international companies. For different company sizes, we offer graded product releases and licensing models.

  • Q: What is the main benefit of the solution?


    With the use of netinsight as an integrated IT finance management platform you can save time and money. You can analyse and controll all your IT costs and processes at one fingertip - from planning, creating and maintaining the service catalog, through calculation, billing and reporting to forecasts and "what-if" analyses.

    The central data management improves the quality of your products and services. With the orientation of your services to business processes of your customers, you increase their satisfaction. The financial impact of changes of your customer demands can also be detected early and counteractions can be taken.

    Valid analysis in real time enable you to make targeted decisions and reduce your IT costs without impacting the quality of service. At all times statutory requirements can be met auditable by the mapping of processes and historiography of data.

  • Q: Which deployment scenarios are covered by the solution?


    The solution maps all processes of IT finance management. From planning and budgeting, through calculation of service rates, contract and SLA management, service catalog management, cost allocation, to reporting and analysis for clients and internal management.

  • Q: Are there final integrations and interfaces with SAP®?

    A: Yes. netinisght supports a direct integration with SAP. In addition, we offer SimpleXess with an unique and very powerful ETL solution for an SAP integration.

  • Q: Is the solution applicable without SAP®?

    A: The solution can be used both self-sufficient and without the use of SAP® and in complement to existing SAP® systems.

  • Q: Can arbitrary legacy systems get connected?


    netinsight supports all common interface formats, so the integration of arbitrary legacy systems is possible.

  • Q: Is the solution also suitable for international use?

    A: Yes, netinsight supports both languages and foreign currencies and is therefore perfectly equipped for an international use.

  • Q: We already have an existing IT finance management solution. Does netinsight still create an added value?


    There are many good reasons, e.g. lack of functionality, lack of automation of processes, etc. ..., to think despite an existing IT finance management solution about the use of netinsight. Just ask us, we would like to analyze your personal needs!

  • Q: Is the solution audit-proof?


    Yes, all data is always stored auditable and historicized within the solution. At any time a pertinent test/verification is possible.

  • Q: Is netinsight a multitenant solution?


    Yes, the platform is designed fully multitenant. At this, the system supports the client-oriented configuration of payroll-related parameters and permissions.

  • Q: Are different languages/currencies supported by the solution?


    Yes, netinsight supports both languages and currencies, and is therefore fully and completely prepared for an international use. Our customers, e.g. BASF and Bayer BBS, use the solution within their international network.

netinsight SB

  • Q: How much effort does the introduction of netinsight SBE take?


    It is possoble to bring netinsight Small Business Edition into service within one working day. This does not include the implementation of individual needs or the integration of other data sources. For a more detailed cost estimate for the application of netinsight SBE in your company, we will glady assist you - please simply talk to us. Here you will find our contact details!


  • Q: Can I use SimpleXess without netinsight?


    Yes. SimpleXess is an independently usable product. Although it can get used in connection with netinsight, but first of all it is an independent ETL solution.

  • Q: Are installations on or in the SAP® system for the operation of SimpleXess also needed?


    No! SimpleXess does not require the installation of components or modules of the SAP® system.

  • Q: How does the communication with the SAP® system occurs?


    The communication with the SAP® system occurs via official and SAP® approved communication protocols based on RFC.

  • Q: How can I retrieve the data?


    With SimpleXess you are in a position to access SAP® tables, BAPI functions or RFC enabled function modules and Z_ functions and retrieve data on that.

  • Q: What security mechanisms are supported?


    SimpleXess is based on SAP® security mechanisms and appears as a GUI client for the SAP® system. The application occurs via the normal SAP® user ID and user password. SimpleXess can only access data and objects for which the user in the SAP® system has relevant approvals.

  • Q: On which operating systems does SimpleXess run?


    SimpleXess can run on all Windows operating systems from Windows XP SP3 with an installed .NET Framework V4.0.

  • Q: Are there special requirements for the use of SimpleXess?


    Yes, for the operation of SimpleXess the SAP® GUI client library librfc32.dll is required. Unfortunately, the transfer of the library for ISVs is not permitted from SAP®, so that a prerequisite for the use of SimpleXess is an installed SAP® GUI client or at least librfc32.dll of SAP® and its dependent libraries.

  • Q: Is it also possible to map the logic of charging processes with SimpleXess?


    Yes! With SimpleXess it is also possible to map very complex charging and data synchronization processes by searching and over decision-making structures, such as IF ... THEN. With the integrated Microsoft PowerShell interface any PowerShell scripts and functions can also be integrated into the loading process.

  • Q: Which different versions are offered?

    A: SimpleXess is offered in three versions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The versions differ in their functional range. More precise details can be found here!

  • Q: Does nicetec provide a trial version?


    Yes, we gladly provide you a SimpleXess trial version for 30 days. For this, simply get in contact with us here!

  • Q: Does nicetec offer training for their products?


    Yes. We offer a broad portfolio of consulting, training and implementation services related to our product SimpleXess. Talk to us!

  • Q: Can I get support for the implementation of my SimpleXess project at nicetec?

    A: Yes. Our experts are happy to assist you in implementing your SimpleXess project.

  • Q: How is data security ensured in the use of SimpleXess?


    The SAP® rights management stays completely intact within the use of SimpleXess, therefore access to data without proper authorization in the SAP® system is not possible in any case. The data can be transferred encrypted (optional). A dynamic code generation in the SAP® system does not explicitly occur and no temporary files, tables, etc will be generated. And - last but not least - there is NO DIRECT INSTALLATION on the respective SAP® system necessary!

  • Q: How does the assignment of rights work in SimpleXess?


    SimpleXess has no access permisions. It only use the rights management in the SAP® system. For access the SAP® system only an SAP® user account with RFC permissions is required. Then all security settings and access restrictions within SAP® and the user account also apply for SimpleXess.

  • Q: Is SimpleXess a plug'n'play solution or is an implementation necessary?

    A: SimpleXess can be installed to workstations within minutes, the selection and delivery of SAP® data into a variety of target systems succeeds intuitive.