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nicetec netinsight

RHENUS Freight Network GmbH takes off with integrated IT Financial Management


nicetec netinsight

CHEMPARK operator CURRENTA consolidates heterogeneous billing data with netinsight...


Reporting & analysis without supplementary information

Do you need reliable reports and analyses for your decision-making? Would you like to fully understand what the cost drivers for certain IT services are? Would you like to be optimally informed about your IT budget at all times? Do your customers expect to constantly be able to verify your IT costs?

Then we have the right product for you: the netinsight reporting & analysis component. Perfectly integrated into the IT finance management platform, it provides you and your customers with an option to gain reliable information from your IT finance data at all times.

Spare your personnel resources! Avoid susceptibility to errors! Save costs!

In the past, many of our customers generated and maintained their IT finance management reporting with a great deal of effort and using data from a wide range of different sources.
You almost certainly know the problem: Mountains of planning and report documentations in Excel, individual and barely reproducible ad hoc analyses, ongoing new reports or the painstaking export of data for purposes of visualisation. And this, involving a large number of staff, immense time and numerous checks – certainly not a task without a great deal of effort.
netinsight’s reporting tool offers everything you had to work hard for in the past – except that it is much better, more cost-effective, faster and simpler!

  • Better, because you can avoid transfer errors and data trash, and gain new insight thanks to intelligent preparation of your data. 
  • Cost-effective, because you can use your personnel more efficiently and ensure 100% reporting without additional programs.
  • Faster, because web support enables you to access your data from anywhere and you are provided with 1001 options for ad hoc analyses – without a great deal of additional effort
  • Simpler, because the interface of this tool intuitively specifies analysis ideas that are easy to comprehend even without expert controller know-how.

Reports for customers and management at the click of a button

Our solution ensures that you are always in command when it comes to analysing and documenting costs in your department. Because netinsight allows you to provide comprehensive information in terms of your customers and your management at all times and from anywhere. You can rely on this!
Take advantage of the benefits provided by a solution that offers all functions and information from a single source and in a modular solution, allowing you to have everything under control.
Use advanced business intelligence technology and OLAP – all on the basis of a uniform data model and central storage of data in netinsight.