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Shared service management with netinsight

Do you have to provide appositely coordinated shared services for your clients’ business processes - and do you have to do this with high efficiency, the greatest possible transparency and at market-conform costs? Shared services represent a modern form of the service approach. The objective is to bundle supporting cross-section functions of a company in individual units and achieve a high service quality at economical service costs through specialization and optimization.

Internal factors such as service design, -planning and -calculation play a role in this, as well as the development of apposite accounting models. Besides high service quality your clients also expect professional structures and a high level of transparency in regard to costs from the shared service center. Shared service centers are often in competition with other service providers on the market. If you as the responsible party for the shared service center are confronted with these challenges and issues, it is time to consider the solutions offered by nicetec! nicetec has developed a new solution in the form of netinsight SSC, which takes on the special challenges in shared service management – simply, flexibly and cost-effectively. netinsight SSC is a central and integrated shared service management solution, which bundles existing information and data from various functions, specialized fields and sub-systems in a total solution. You will always have access to all relevant information.


netinsight SSC provides you with all functionalities you need for your daily challenges, such as:

  • Modeling of shared serices / service lifecycle management
  • Planning and calculation of service prices
  • Cost controlling
  • Demand planning & management processes for your clients
  • Contract- and SLA management for clients and suppliers
  • Automatic rating and accounting for services
  • Self-service & service procurement for your clients through the Web
  • Analyses & reporting for SSC management and clients

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